The Affordable Housing Project aims to find Municipalities that are working to make housing affordable. The project is planning on contacting 3,573 Municipalities across Canada with this letter: https://www.formafist.com/p/current-letter-version.html

A list of the contacted Municipalities can be found here: https://www.formafist.com/p/canadian-locations.html

The Affordable Housing Project will work with interested Municipalities to create affordable housing in their community.

We would also like to see a place where companies and individuals could experiment with different building methods, designs, and materials.  The development and fabrication of affordable housing is a space where the is opportunity for great innovation and growth.

We are also interesting in creating pilot projects such as demonstration developments. Neighborhoods where companies and individuals could real world test, sell, and market their products.

What is needed for housing affordability:

1) The ability to build affordably. One example of the barriers to building affordably is building restrictions (minimum size restrictions, as an example).

Solution: Allow people to build smaller homes. As an example, many tiny homes are built by their owners, saving them the cost of hiring a home builder. Combine this with the lower building material cost of a tiny home and you are a lot closer to housing affordability.

2) Access to affordable building lots. Whenever there is a finite number of available building lots on the market, prices will go up. Scarcity is a device used to increase an asset's value.

Solution: Create an environment where land owners and developers have the incentive to create building lots. This could be done through property tax incentives, or by streamlining the process of subdividing lots.

Find out more about what municipalities can do to encourage housing affordability here: https://www.formafist.com/p/proposals-for-municipalities.html